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Beginner Tips and Tricks for Canning

Interested in canning but don’t know where to start? We’ve put together some tips and tricks so you can become the next canning pro!

  1. The two main ways of safely preserving your food with jars are water bath canning and pressure canning.
    1. Water Bath Canning is recommended for highly acidic foods such as fruits, jams, jellies, and anything pickled. It is considered to be the easiest to do at home.
    2. Pressure Canning is for low acidic products such as beef, poultry, fish, stocks, and stews.
  2. Prepping your ingredients and foods in advance will make the process go smoother. Start simple and make small batches, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself on your first try!
  3. Sugar and pectin helps to set the fruit.
  4. Make sure to choose a trustworthy recipe in advance and follow it exactly. 

The four basic materials you need for canning include:

  1. Canning Pot
  2. Canning Tongs
  3. Canning Jars
  4. A Pressure Canner (if you are canning low acidic products)