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We like to think that we offer the best kitchen supplies Erie, PA, has.

At A. Caplan Co., we want to be the best and provide you with the best. Amateurs and professionals have trusted us for years for exceptional kitchen equipment to sharpen your skills and hone your cooking abilities.

We are the best kitchen supply store Erie PA has to offer, and that is because we are a part of the community. We know the people, the foods, the tastes, and the needs.

If you are in the market for kitchen supplies, we are here to help.

We offer kitchen supplies for more than just professionals, because we believe you can be a professional in your own home! For all your home kitchen supplies, we have you covered.

We stock everything from pots and pans to knives to the hard-to-get kitchen supplies you might have seen chefs use online. 

And, we have the prices to match. Many commercial kitchens take advantage of bulk orders to get competitive pricing. We offer the supplies you need, in the quantities you want, at a fair price.

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NSF - Approved Stainless and Aluminum Products

We only carry goods that are safe to use and most are backed up by the NSF safety standards for approved cookware. This includes pots, pans, sinks and worktables!

This approval means our pots and pans are safe for use in any commercial business or home kitchen.  These, along with the rest of our NSF line of utensils, stainless sinks, stainless tables and more are built to withstand any high-impact kitchen.

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Hard-To-Find Gourmet Cooking Gadgets

It is often the case that you have to find a specialized company for the specialized product that you need. Our expansive inventory and our commitment to quality and price have allowed us to source those hard-to-find items.

You know where to come when you need to find your next reusable straw, specialty butter knife, or extra-large pan.

We stock everything that a professional chef might need, from the gadgets used every day to those only used once in a blue moon. And these specialty gadgets are available for chefs in every kitchen, here are a few:

  • Mandolins
  • USA made cast iron
  • Spring form cake pans
  • Zesters and graters
  • Fondue pots and forks
  • Raclette grills
  • High-end knives
  • Seafood items 

Crocks, Peppermills, and Professional Cutlery

For all of your catering needs, we have the tools you need.

We have professional cutlery so you can have utensils all through your dining room, and we offer multiple options that will match your style and aesthetic.

And that extends to your home too. We have all of the cutlery that you might need so you can create meals in style.

And, if you are catering any event, both large and small, we have the cutlery for that, along with the salt and pepper mills and crocks. We have everything you need to cater for any event, no matter the size.

Why Work With A. Caplan Company?

We have everything you need in one place at affordable prices. We are trusted by professional chefs to hobbyists and our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to welcome you for a unique hands-on shopping experience! Contact us today to find out how we can help. And remember, IF YOU COOK STOP AND LOOK!!

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