Is your favorite knife starting to dull or just not cut like it should? Good news friends! A. Caplan Company offers knife sharpening on the first Saturday of each month from 9am-12pm. However, customers can drop off and pick up their knives anytime during the week or Saturday, whatever is convenient for you.






The Importance of a Sharp Knife

Having a sharp knife is very important when working in the kitchen.

Keeps You Safe

A dull knife can slip easily when you are cutting food causing a ragged injury. Sharp knives allow for easy cutting and control so you don’t have to worry about an accident. 

Fresher Food

A dull knife can damage the cells of your food, causing them to decompose quicker. With a sharp knife, you are slicing the cells cleanly allowing your food to stay fresher for longer.

Improved Presentation

Instead of hacking through your tomatoes and turning them into a mushy mess, you can easily glide through them with a sharp knife. Your food will look more appealing and you will actually have fun in the kitchen.