Radiance Countertop Griddles

The Turbo Air TAMG-Series Radiance griddle has burners that are spaced 12 inches apart for an even heat, ensuring food is uniformly cooked. Each burner has an adjustable standing pilot and ergonomic on/off knob. Transfer food from the griddle to dishes by setting plates on the 4-inch front ledge. With a 3⁄4-inch-thick griddle plate, warping is prevented. The Turbo Air TAMG Radiances griddle is heated by natural gas or Propane. Comes in 12" , 24" ,36" or 48" Flat Griddles

Product Details:

  • Heated by natural gas and can be converted to propane
  • Plate food on the 4-in. ledge where dishes can sit
  • Resistant to corrosion, scratches, and dents with its stainless steel construction
  • Heat is evenly distributed since the 4 U-shaped burners are spread 12 in. apart
  • Adjustable standing pilot for each burner
  • On/off knobs have an ergonomic design
  • Warp-resistant, 3⁄4-in.-thick steel plate
  • Overheating is prevented by the 2-in. stainless steel legs
  • 3⁄4-in. rear gas connection and gas pressure regulator
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